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What's new in Scaffold 4.0?

  • Click this link to check out the NEW FEATURES guide!
  • The guide includes an overview of the LFDR scoring, new quantitative display options, protein grouping and clustering, FDR filtering tools, bulk operations, and enhanced gene ontology features

Getting Started with Scaffold

Downloading Scaffold

Installing Scaffold

Batch Mode

Linux Installation - libexpat parser

Connecting Scaffold to External Servers


Loading and Organizing Scaffold Data

Loading Data into Scaffold

Using X! Tandem

Using MuDPIT

Organizing Data in Scaffold

Using Databases



Protein Information Lookup

Scaffold Pages and Displays

Pages and Panes

Display Filters

Protein Details

Calculations in Scaffold

Label-Free Quantitation


Other Calculations

Exporting and Sharing Results from Scaffold

Exporting Results

Preparing and Publishing results